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​Driving license in English

The driving school offers a free information evening.

Because we need to know how many people the are interested, we ask you to sign up. 

So assume that you want to get your driving license with Hillerød middle driving school, we ask you to pay Part of the aggregate price, payment covers:

Closed training field, Theory course. The price is 5000,00 Kr.

To be pay no later then first Theory evening

Prices for a driving license at HillerødMidt

At HillerødMidt Driving School, we offer driving licens at a very competitive price, this includes Driving license for Motorcycle, Car, Car and trailer

We have composed some powerful packageprices with very favorable prices for a drivinglicense, which are attractive for those who need to take driving license, whether it's for a passenger car, taxi or perhaps recovery of a lost driving license.

Competitive prices for a drivinglicense and a high quality product.

Prices for a driving license at HillerødMidt are among the best, and with us you can easily get high quality teaching, even though you get a license at a favorable price.

Our driving instructors have years of experience and teaching naturally follows all legal requirements, so you along with the license will get the skills needed to be a good driver.​

Booking for driving license

Respective driving license & rates

In following sections you can obtain more relevant information about the prices for a driving license. You will also find relevant information about the prices of the various parts of the training for a driving license.

You must have at least the below mentioned before you can get to the driving test.

29 lessons theory course

4 lessons Closed training field

5 Lessons road safety center course

16 lessons driving on the road

Traffic-related first aid course

If you have any questions about the prices, please do not hesitate to

contact us by phone +45 53 400 400 or send us a email at

​​Driving license prices in english

  • 29 lessons theory course 3.000.00 kr
  • 4 lessons Closed training field 2,000.00 kr
  • 16 Driving Lessons of 45 minutes in English 450,00 Kr. 7200,00 Kr.

  • 5 lessons road safety center course 2,400.00 kr
  • All in all for the law package 14.600,00 kr
  • Online tests with evaluative tests 400,00 kr
  • theory book 400,00 kr
  • Traffic-related first aid course 900,00 kr
  • Practical Driving Test incl. warm up before driving test 1,100.00 kr
  • 1 Driving Lessons each contains of 45 minutes 500,00 kr

You will have to obtain the following:

  • Medical certificate from your own doctor estimated 500,00 kr.
  • passport photo estimated 150.00 kr.
  • Fee for Theory and Practical test 600,00 kr.

Course start

Sign up on the "Tilmelding" tab and then the "person bil kat b" tab

​Following courses will be listed later.

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